Youth on Course

The CDGA and CDGA Foundation began a partnership with Youth on Course in 2016.

Founded by the Northern California Golf Association in 2006 and headquartered in Pebble Beach, Youth on Course has expanded its reach to 13 additional states, including Illinois. The organization subsidizes rounds for its age 6-18 members, ensuring that they can play for $5 or less. Youth on Course pays participating courses the difference between the $5 and their respective junior rates, allowing youths access to the game and courses a full tee sheet, future players and increased revenue. Since its inception, the organization has subsidized 500,000 rounds for its 15,000 members.

“Youth on Course does a great job of providing affordable access to golf in a way that also is beneficial to the courses,” CDGA Executive Director Robert Markionni said.

Individuals interested in joining the program should click the "Register" button below. Courses interested in becoming part of the program should reach out to the CDGA Foundation's Alex Nolly at or (630) 685-2351 with any questions.

Youth on Course Resources

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