CDGA Tournament History

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 2020 CDGA Amateur Tournaments Archives
CDGA Better Ball of Pairs Championship
  Sept. 29 CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs (Kemper Lakes)
CDGA Better Ball of Pairs Series
  July 20 CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs #2 (St. Charles)
  July 27 CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs #3 (Crystal Tree)
  Aug. 17 CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs #4 (Evanston)
  Aug. 24 CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs #1 (Glen Flora)
CDGA Four-Ball Championship
  July 8 CDGA Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying (Blackstone)
  July 13 CDGA Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying (Heritage Bluffs)
  July 27-29 5th CDGA Amateur Four-Ball Championship (Skokie)
CDGA Mixed Championship
  Sept. 24 49th CDGA Mixed Championship (Royal Melbourne)
CDGA Scramble Championship
  Sept. 18 CDGA Scramble Championship (Bowes Creek)
CDGA Scramble Qualifier
  July 11 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #3 (Palatine Hills)
  July 23 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #4 (Glenview Park)
  Aug. 7 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #5 (White Deer Run)
  Aug. 14 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #6 (Highlands of Elgin)
  Aug. 20 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #1 (Sunset Valley)
CDGA Senior Amateur Four-Ball Championship
  Oct. 5-8 5th CDGA Senior Amateur Four-Ball (Aurora)
CDGA Super Senior Amateur Championship
  Sept. 10 8th CDGA Super Senior Championship (Glenview Park)

 2020 Illinois State Tournaments Archives
Illinois State Mid-Amateur Championship
  Aug. 4 Illinois State Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Balmoral Woods)
  Aug. 10 Illinois State Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Willow Crest)
  Aug. 11 Illinois State Mid-Am Qualifying (Lincolnshire Fields)
  Aug. 24-25 28th Illinois State Mid-Am (Edgewood Valley)
Illinois State Senior Amateur Championship
  Aug. 13 Illinois State Senior Amateur Qualifying (Glenwoodie)
  Aug. 31 Illinois State Senior Amateur Qualifying (Glendale Lakes)
  Sept. 14-16 34th Illinois State Senior Amateur (Mt. Hawley)

 2020 USGA Tournaments Archives
U.S. Women’s Four Ball
  Oct. 8 U.S. Women’s Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying (Ravinia Green)
USGA Four-Ball
  Sept. 21 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying (Odyssey)
  Oct. 5 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying (Ridgemoor)