Guidelines for Posting Out of Season Scores

During the late fall and early spring, the CDGA office receives many questions regarding the posting of scores when the Chicago District is out of season. Listed below are the score-posting rules and regulations:

The USGA Rules of Handicapping states – A score is acceptable for handicap purposes if the round has been played on a golf course during its active season . The active season for the Chicago District is April 1-October 31. However many parts of our country have a year round active golf season.

  • The last day of the CDGA and CWDGA official season is the last day that scores for rounds played at golf clubs in the Chicago District can be posted for handicap purposes.
  • Rounds played after that date (no matter how good the weather might be) within our District or in any section of the country that is “off-season” are not acceptable for posting.
  • If you play golf during the winter months in a section of the country that is “in-season” (e.g., Florida, Arizona, Southern California, etc.), those scores are to be posted for handicap purposes.
  • You can post scores from the "Sun Belt" through My CDGA Caddie (website) or My CDGA (app).

If you have a membership number through another association it is important to link that number with your CDGA number for the purposes of the World Handicap System. Contact Lynn Boyd, CDGA senior director of handicapping, at (630) 685-2304 with the information that you are a member of another club in another part of the country and provide your additional association number. Once linked, you will see that all of your scores will be combined as part of the World Handicap System.