Rules of Golf Reference Material

The following links contain key resource information for the 2019 Rules of Golf. Additional information could be added throughout the season.

  • USGA Publications -
  • Individuals/Golf Facilities/Schools/Universities may order Rules of Golf material - please look for the tabs at the top if you are a Golf Facility or School/University

  • USGA Rules of Golf Resources -
  • contains all USGA Rules of Golf Infographics, Video Content and Rules Clarifications

  • Model Local Rules -
  • a complete list of available Local Rules and the language that must be used. The printed version is only available in the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf.

  • 2021 USGA Hard Card -
  • the 2020 USGA Hard Card for all USGA Championships

  • 2021 CDGA Hard Card -
  • the 2020 CDGA Hard Card for all CDGA Championships

  • Key Rules of Golf -
  • 15 Key Rules every golfer should know

    If you have any questions, or would like presentation materials such as PowerPoints, please contact Jodi Ciotti, Senior Managing Director, Member Services, at - (630) 685-2323 or Nick Scillia, Director of Rules & Competitions, at - (630) 685-2312.