Handicap ID

As part of a CDGA membership, all members receive a unique CDGA number. Additionally, each member is issued a Handicap ID.

If you are a member of another golf association (e.g.. FSGA, AGA, SCGA, etc.) – your Handicap ID should be the same as your association number from another state. It is also important to link that number with your CDGA number for the purposes of the World Handicap System.

If you are traveling or playing in an event where they are asking for your handicap number (i.e. GHIN number), this is the number you MUST give, as the tournament you are participating will be able to search your active USGA Handicap Index® via your Handicap ID.

A CDGA member`s Handicap ID can be found in the following places:

  • In My CDGA Caddie, in the box with your name and CDGA number
  • In the My CDGA smartphone app under "Member Home"
  • On the Handicap Label, under the CDGA number
Questions regarding your Handicap ID or linking an existing Handicap ID to your account can be directed to Lynn Boyd, CDGA director of handicapping, at (630) 685-2304. Once linked, you will see that all of your scores will be combined as part of the World Handicap System.